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Tuesday, 04. December 2012

Drip Campaign Benefits for B2B Marketing

By spark, 07:57

Lead nurturing is an important part of B2B marketing. Lead nurturing is done through drip marketing campaigns and has long-term impact on potential clients. Some of the unique benefits of drip marketing are listed below.

Reduction in the sell-produce curve
Marketers often get trapped in the ‘sell-produce’ curve. Drip marketing can help in avoiding this situation. With messages consistently flowing out to potential and existing clients every month, this strategy can help in diminishing the sell-produce curve and bring a steady volume of clients.

Increase in Product Awareness
By consistently sending messages, Drip Marketing helps in fixing the company name in the prospects’ minds. While the prospects may not be ready-to-buy yet, they will remember the message when they are sales-ready. Drip marketing is an effective way to keep prospects informed about the products/ services available, their cost, benefits etc. Frequently, drip marketing also includes sending useful information about the market and industry, which can facilitate effective Client Relationship Management (CRM) and can also help in building goodwill and trust.

Improvement in ROI
A well-planned, streamlined and strategized drip marketing campaign coupled with careful prospect segmentation and targeting, can help reduce costs and can bring about better ROI. While drip marketing is not a very expensive strategy, it is highly capable of attracting new clients and can help retaining existing clients, if handled efficiently. Some forms of delivering content in drip marketing are:

  • Webinar- A seminar, presentation, lecture or workshop transmitted over the web. The interactive nature of a webinar is a key feature that makes it desirable for drip marketing
  • Whitepaper/e-Books- A detailed exploration of a topic supported by factual, statistical data, usually presented in a PDF format.
  • Detailed demo- This may be live, or in the form of a webcast. Scheduling a detailed demo helps in getting the complete attention of prospects.
  • Social Media – Creating word-of-mouth referrals by blogging on related subject matters, building relationships through Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace etc.

Drip marketing content must:

  • Highlight Benefits - Focus on the needs of the prospects and explain how owning your product can be beneficial in the given scenario.
  • Bridging the performance gap - Explain how there is always a huge gap between customer expectations and the product delivered. Emphasize on how your product can help bridge this gap.

Drip campaigns are the best way to enhance the efficiency of the lead nurturing process. Marketing automation tools can act as catalyst for such campaigns.

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